Barramundi and Mark Berg

We recently had the pleasure of guiding Mark Berg on a Barramundi shoot for his Fishing Addiction series, as well as an episode for The Next Level.

August can be a tricky month fishing wise, as it’s often the change-over month from winter to summer species. As it happens, we had a hot spell in July and plunging temperatures both on land and water in August, which did not make fishing easy.
Knowing we had to produce quality fish, we made the decision to head north, as we knew good Barramundi were being caught in Peter Faust Dam. Peter Faust or Lake Proserpine as it also known, is in my opinion, one of the premier Barra impoundments at the moment in Queensland.

Thankfully, the dam turned the fishing on for us, and the highlight of the trip was catching Barramundi during the day on surface stick baits, TT’s Bagleys Finger Mullet were the stand out lure. Weedless plastics also worked well for us, see below. I can’t wait to see the stories when they come out – some of the drone footage should be awesome!

Peter Faust Barra

With the weather now warming up, the Barramundi will soon be on the chew in the Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast area – here are some tips for anyone targeting them in weedy or snaggy areas:
Try rigging your soft plastics with worm hooks. The point of the hook sits flush with the plastic, so it won’t snag as often.

The advantages are:
• You spend more time fishing and less time getting your lures out of the snags.
• You fish with more confidence, casting your lures right into structure where the barra live.
• You can also vary the depth you fish by changing the weight of the jighead. TT Lures Snake Lock Jighead  has a very quick system for changing the jigheads easily.

Drop into your local tackle shop if you want more information on rigging weedless with worm hooks.
Or Click Here to see a video on how to do it:

If you want to catch a barramundi, why not book a charter with me. You’ll not only have a great day out on the water and the chance to land a barra, you’ll learn heaps that will help you catch them yourself next time you’re on the water.
If you want to find out more about my charters, give me a call: 0418187618