Daiwa – Our Choice of Rods and Reels

Recent modern technology has improved fishing gear to the point where I wonder whether it can get any better than it is… but I’m sure in 12 months time I’ll be eating my words and there will be other things the rod, reel and braid designers will come up with that will further amaze us.

I know I’m old school, and often remark on the good old days, but I could never have imagined back then that I’d be catching large Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Tuna, GTs and even Marlin on a medium sized spin rod and reel – especially gear that is in the affordable mid-range price bracket.


But that’s what I am now doing, and what’s truly remarkable is that after 18 months of constant use on a charter boat, it still works faultlessly. The drag is as good as when it came out of the box, there is no corrosion, and the mag seal bearings have never been touched. What more can I say?

Diawa’s BG4000 reels matched with Saltist Coastal 12-17kg rods have stood up to everything we’ve thrown at them. Charter work is very demanding; it’s the ultimate test of reliability and durability. My Daiwa gear has performed faultlessly without the slightest glitch, and has proven to be the best medium price range spin rod and reel combo I have ever had. I am thoroughly impressed and could not recommend it highly enough!

John Haenke