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Fishing For Pelagics On The Capricorn Coast

When it comes to fishing for pelagics, the Capricorn Coast has the reputation of being a first class light tackle destination. And deservedly so!

Anyone booking a multiday charter for barra and king that wants to mix it up will be offered the opportunity to do a coastal trip when the weather is suitable as long as it is a single or two person booking! Otherwise if you are interested in a last minute pelagic and coastal trip then fill out the Pelagic and Coastal EOI form.

There’s a myriad of sheltered inshore waters, brimming with the many pelagic species that migrate along the Queensland coast. And it’s all so accessible that even the small boat angler can get in on some serious pelagic action. We’ve spent countless hours exploring the pelagic scene here, and we’ve got it pretty well wired.

So if the idea of fishing for pelagics from a small boat gets you going, you’re in the right place. In fact, we’d probably say you’re in the best place! There are no shortage of tropical islands, azure bays, quiet inlets and open coastal areas to explore. And all can provide spectacular fishing.

Fishing for pelagics is pretty exciting stuff. It’s about sight casting in crystal clear water as thousands of voracious predators churn the surface into a froth. Or dropping an offering in front of fast moving targets as they patrol flats. It’s about savage strikes, line burning runs, sore biceps and the kind of photos that make the boys at work green with envy.

There’s nothing better!

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    When To Go Fishing For Pelagics

    In most places, fishing for pelagics is a seasonal affair – it’s the hot weather that brings the hot fishing. But on the Capricorn Coast you can fish for Pelagics all year round!

    Often the action doesn’t start until the sun is well up over the water. Baitfish are often more scattered and down deeper during low light. But once the sun hits the water they “ball up” near the surface, seeking safety in numbers. Anywhere there’s a concentration of baitfish is the perfect place to try fishing for pelagics.

    Fishing for pelagics is often best on sunny days with just a slight ripple on the water. Under those conditions the fish are often near the surface, herding bait into tight balls. A ripple on the surface often allows boats to get a little closer, bringing the action within casting range. And since pelagics often swim into the oncoming wind it can make it easy to drift back onto skittish fish.

    Unlike our river fishing generally the best time for fishing for pelagics is around the bigger tides, associated with the full or new moon. Pelagics like current – which gets the baitfish moving and makes it easier for them to ambush and feed.

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    Pelagic Species Of The Capricorn Coast

    There is no shortage of pelagic species to target in this part of the world……

    There are the razor gang, of course. Spanish mackerel are one of our premier species, but grey, spotted, school and broad bar macks can be prevalent sometimes too. These guys can slice up the water with astonishing speed, carving up baitfish as they go.

    Then there are the tuna’s. Longtail (northern bluefin) Tuna are popular when fishing for pelagics. Mackerel tuna are common and the is no shortage of others including queenfish, tripletail, and Golden Trevally. Anything is possible when you’re fishing for pelagics along this extraordinary piece of Australia’s coast.

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    Tackle For Pelagic Fishing

    Lure fishing

    A good quality spin rod and reel is best for this style of fishing, where getting distance with your cast and covering water is what it’s all about. When fishing for pelagics, a rod 7-8 feet in length is ideal, and needs to be able to handle 15 kilo braid. You’ll need a good quality reel, preferably with a fast retrieve ratio, and a smooth drag is essential – there’s nothing worse than being hooked up to a 20 kilo GT and have the reel seize up!

    We do supply good quality fishing gear with our charters, but you’re welcome to bring your own!

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    Nathan’s Top 5 Tips For Targeting Pelagics On The Capricorn Coast

    1. Buy the best quality gear you can afford, it will get a serious workout!
    2. When approaching a school of feeding fish, try to approach from the upwind side, avoid clunky gear changes that will put the fish down.
    3. If you are having trouble getting a bite, and your lure has definitely gone through a school of feeding fish without a hook-up , downsize your fly or lure to match it to the bait they’re feeding on.
    4. Surface poppers, stick baits, vibes and metal slugs in the 50 gram range are normally my lures when fishing for coastal. Make sure they have good quality, strong sharp hooks, and upgrade the trebles.
    5. Constantly check your leader for scuff marks, and make sure you tie good knots. Pelagic species don’t tend to give you any second chances, all your terminal tackle and gear will be tested to its limit!

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    Fishing For Pelagics With Guided Fishing Down Under

    If you haven’t tried fishing for pelagics, I’ll guarantee there’s nothing that gets anglers more excited than sight casting to feeding fish! But there is an art to this style of fishing, and if you go on a charter with us we’ll show you how it’s done and hook you up to some arm stretching action.

    The Capricorn Coast area in particular is renowned for the size and quality of its pelagic species, so even if you’re a seasoned angler you’ll have every chance of catching your personal best on a day out with us.

    We cater from first timers to experienced anglers – a day out on the water with us is more than just catching fish – it’s about sharing information and knowledge and having a great time too!

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