Guided Fishing Rockhampton Region

Freshwater Fishing In The Fitzroy River and Rockhampton Region

People say that the freshwater fishing around Rockhampton is exceptional. But we reckon it’s even better!

The area is dotted with sweetwater fisheries offering all manner of opportunity. Tiny creeks fringed by tropical forest, coastal rivers loaded with structure. Small obscure lakes and dams. And of course, the larger and better-known storages.

There are unexplored corners, overgrown four wheel drive tracks and no shortage of places to lose yourself in a serene (and fish filled) natural environment. Once there, you’ll cast flies or lures at fallen timber, rock bars, weedbeds and all manner of fish holding structure.

Many waterways are easily navigable, and small boats that boast an electric trolling motor having a distinct advantage.

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Freshwater Fishing With Guided Fishing Down Under

If you love topwater fishing for Saratoga and Barra, Central Queensland is exceptionally good for explosive surface action!

We’d love to show you some of this action in these breathtaking locations – the scenery is almost as good as getting smashed by these great Australian sportfish. It is truly a unique Australian experience.

We cater for first timers to experienced anglers – a day out on the water with us is more than just catching fish – it’s about sharing information, experiencing these fabulous locations… and having a great time!

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    When To Go Freshwater Fishing

    The freshwater fishing in this region heats up in sync with the weather. But while the warmer months bring hotter fishing, they also bring higher rainfall….. something to keep in mind if river fishing is your goal. A little flow and color is good, but excessive muddiness can slow the fishing down dramatically.

    Fortunately, there’s always a lake or storage to turn to when the rivers run high.

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    Freshwater Guided Fishing Fraser Coast

    Freshwater Species Of The Fitzroy River and Rockhampton Region

    The freshwater fish of this area are very special – and more diverse than most other parts of the country.

    At the southern end of the region the sub-tropical climate allows our northern and southern species to co-exist in the same waterways. This creates exciting opportunities to tangle with a whole bunch of species in a single day.

    The two most outstanding freshwater fishing species here are Barramundi and Saratoga. Both can be found in river and lake and lagoon systems throughout the region. Sometimes there are stocked populations, other times wild.
    Other native species that may be encountered include Sooty, grunter, tarpon and jungle perch.

    Throw in some platypus, crocodiles and some of the most diverse bird life and vegetation in the country and you’re in fishing heaven.

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    Freshwater Saratoga fishing

    Tackle For Freshwater Fishing

    Fly fishing

    A #7 #8 or #9 weight rod with matching light weight reel with a large arbour, loaded with a weight forward floating line will cover most fly fishing opportunities.

    A good selection of flies, especially surface flies, is essential. Dahlbergs, gurglars and poppers are great for tempting barra and toga from the surface. In the sub-surface line, rabbit furs, “black and barred” fuzzle buggers or shrimp imitations are tops.

    Lure fishing

    A good quality 5-7 kg spin or baitcast outfit will serve you well. Then arm yourself with a bunch of small topwater lures, poppers, stick baits and frog patterns for when the action is on top. Below the surface you’ll find that small hard bodies, spinnerbaits and plastics will do the trick.

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    Sooty Grunter

    Nathan’s Top 5 Tips For Freshwater Fishing In The Fitzroy River and Rockhampton Region

    1. If you’re not getting a bite, or the fish are a bit spooky, downsize your fly or lure. I’ve seen 80 cm Saratoga sipping tiny beetles like a trout!
    2. You do need to be stealthy, especially in clear water. If the fish are aware of you being there, you probably won’t get a bite.
    3. Try fishing topwater first, if it’s slow and not much happening, then go subsurface.
    4. When fishing topwater, the times are low light periods – early morning or late afternoon. When the sun is higher, fish the shady areas.
    5. When Saratoga fishing in Central Queensland Rivers and tributaries, make sure you are wearing a good pair of polarising sunglasses. You’ll be surprised at the number of ‘toga you see mid-stream, particularly if there is a wind lane with leaves in it – they’ll often be seen cruising these areas looking for surface insects.

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    Wild Saratoga


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