Hervey Bay Tuna

We’re coming to the end of our Tuna season here in Hervey Bay, and the weather is cooling down, but at the moment there are still plenty of Mac Tuna around, providing some excellent sportfishing for our guests.

Sam with a nice Mack Tuna

Sam with a nice Mac Tuna

Reilly from the USA with a good size Mac Tuna

Reilly from the USA with a good size Mac Tuna








We’ve had a great season, and I’ve lost count of the number of Tuna we’ve caught so far –  22 fish were landed on one day alone!

Mac Tuna
I provide my guests with all the fishing gear required on my charters, so when it came to choosing gear for tuna, I had to look for something that was very tough. I decided on Daiwa Saltist Coastal 70 x H Rods Matched with Daiwas BG4000 Reels – it’s high performance gear that is durable yet affordable.

Daiwa BG4000 Reel






These are exceptional rods and reels for Longtail and Mac tuna, and after all that we’ve put them through, they are still performing faultlessly. In fact all of my guests have remarked on what great rods and reels they are, and I know for a fact they were so impressed that some have bought them after using them on the charter. I guess that says it all really!

Daiwa Tuna Gear

If you’d like to find out more about this great gear, go to the Daiwa website. http://daiwafishing.com.au/
As the water temps cool, other species are coming online – there’s still some good Barra and Threadfin Salmon fishing to be had, and I know there are Permit, Queenfish and Mega GTs on some of the flats. I’ll be guiding more of our guests onto these fish in the near future.

East Coast PermitJohn Haenke & Queenfish


If you’d like to have a chat about what you’d like to target on a charter, please feel free to call me: 0418187618
Cheers John