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Book a fishing charter with Guided Fishing DownUnder today!

Nathan prefers to discuss your fishing interests and goals first, so please call on 0400 221 055 before booking your fishing adventure. If you have specific dates in mind and no flexibility, please check current availability first and talk directly with Nathan after this is confirmed. If you have a specific question, or want Nathan to call you, then fill out the contact form.

PLEASE NOTE: Nathan is now very close to being booked out during the Peak Season in 2021 and 2022. Peak season months include September, October, February, March, April and May. You can register your interest for any cancellations that may arise from time to time during the peak season or express your interest in a multi-day charter during the peak season in 2023 by filling out the contact form.

There are still plenty of options for charters during the shoulder season!

Often days with big tides on and either side of the new and full moons may be unsuitable for barra and thready fishing even if the calendar shows availability. Nathan will not take you on barra charters unless there is a high chance of landing at least one decent king threadfin or barramundi in a full day on the water – and hopefully many more! Other fishing options, like freshwater saratoga and pelagic fishing may be suitable on these days if conditions are suitable.

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