Road Trip from Hervey Bay to 1770 and the Capricorn Coast

Just had a very enjoyable 11 day Road Trip with Ben Bronstein from Boston USA, even though we experienced the worst weather imaginable – the highest rainfall on record for October in the Wide Bay and Central Queensland areas.



Ben enjoyed seeing Hervey Bay and the  Central Queensland coast from a locals point of view on this Road Trip, and experienced some of the exceptional Sportfishing on offer in this area.

It’s always a pleasure guiding overseas guests in my personal favourite part of the world, showing them our unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes, including Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Seventeen Seventy and the Capricorn Coast, and of course the range   of sportfish this area has to offer.

With such a variety of locations to choose from, and a choice of blue water, river and estuary fishing, we can always find somewhere to go to catch fish in most conditions… staying dry wasn’t always an option on this trip though!


Not only did Ben get to experience our wonderful Aussie lifestyle, home cooked meals and up-market accommodation on this road trip, but also the one-on-one information on how to fish different locations, find fish and use new techniques.







After admitting at the start that he did not have much in the way of casting skills, by the end of the road trip he was casting his lures into tight pockets around the snags, and pulling Barramundi from them as well as any seasoned angler.

Many of these skills and techniques he is going to use when he gets back to the US, and  after a few basic fly casting lessons, is keen to continue when he returns home. He already has a list of gear he needs to get started, and information on fly fishing for Tarpon in Florida.



Our road trips can be tailored to suit species and areas of personal interest to our clients, and anglers of all skill levels will not only enjoy the new areas we visit, they will also take home new skills from the trip.

If you’re interested in a day, an extended charter, or a road trip to various fishing destinations around Hervey Bay, 1770 and the Capricorn Coast, give me a ring to discuss what YOU would like to experience!
John Haenke
PH: 0418187618