Saratoga Fishing

Saratoga fishing is a uniquely Australian experienceFor those wanting a truly unique Australian freshwater fishing experience, the wild Saratoga fishing in in Central Queensland is a “no-brainer”. You’ll get to experience beautiful paperbark lined waterways, see –and hear! – an amazing array of typically Australian outback birdlife. This area just has to be seen to be fully appreciated – it’s very special.

In an area that gets very little fishing pressure, it’s not unusual to get dozens of sight cast shots per day, at fish cruising on the surface just waiting to pounce on anything that falls in the water – maybe your lure or fly! These wild fish can be BIG! So don’t underestimate what you’re getting yourself into.

When to go Saratoga Fishing

August through to October is the prime time for Saratoga fishing in this area, water clarity is usually good, and the water temperatures are beginning to rise so the fish are becoming more active. Temperatures at this time are very pleasant, with blue skies and stable weather patterns.

March through to May can also be a good time to go Saratoga fishing, but it is dependent on the wet season which varies from year to year. Once the water has cleared, this can be an awesome time for Saratoga fishing as well.

Tackle For Saratoga Fishing

Saratoga fishing with small hardbodies and stick baitsFor fly fishermen, an #8weight fly outfit with a full length floating line is a good place to start. But you can go lighter depending on the size of the fly you are casting. Saratoga will eat a range of flies, from traditional trout flies through to Barramundi size “pink things” and “black and barred’s”. I prefer to use surface flies, there are lots to choose from, but anything with a rabbit-fur tail works exceptionally well – it gives a life like movement with the smallest of strips.

If lure fishing is your game, light spin outfits – 6 – 7 kilos – are the best option for Saratoga fishing. Topwater lures, poppers, stick baits and frogs all work well. For subsurface lures try hard bodies, spinnerbaits and plastics.

Where To Fish For Saratoga

There are plenty of river and storage opportunities within easy drive of Rockhampton. Excellent accommodation and meals are available. We’ll pick you up from the airport, and take you directly to the fishing – we can organize the accommodation for you too. Your Saratoga fishing experience of a lifetime is just a phone call away!