Guided Fishing Rockhampton Region

Freshwater Fishing In The Fitzroy River, home of the Southern Saratoga

Southern Saratoga are native only to the Fitzroy River west of Rockhampton and the topwater fishing for toga in the heartland is exceptional!

Disconnect from the stress of modern life and reconnect with nature in the Australian outback while targeting wild native southern saratoga on lure or fly. Saratoga fishing is offered during the dry season, from May until December or maybe even later, depending on when the first floodwaters arrive..

Target ancient wild native southern saratoga and other freshwater species while experiencing the Australian Outback! The arowana are internationally renowned as premier sportfish that inhabit freshwaters across Asia and Northern Australia. The Southern Saratoga (Scleropages Leichartdi) are one of seven known species of arowana. The Fitzroy Basin, in Central Queensland, Australia holds the only native wild population of Southern Saratoga found on the planet. Southern Saratoga are one of the largest of the arowana and to grow to 1m (3 ft) in length, though more commonly caught in the 60-75cm (2-2 1/2ft) range. The primitive fish are olive green along the back and lighter along the sides and belly. There are one or two striking pink to orange spots for each scale.

Saratoga are slender fish with flat backs and a dorsal fin aligned towards the tail. The fish hunt and feed along the surface, making for fantastic sight fishing on lure or fly even in the turbid waters they inhabit. The lower jaw slopes steeply upwards and carries two fleshy barbels on the chin. The arowana are known for their bony mouths and the southern saratoga are no different. This can be the cause of frustration for anglers because, though they readily take presentations, it can be hard at times to get the hooks to set! Saratoga are very poor eating due to the presence of numerous fine bones, but the aerobatic displays make them a sportfishing spectacle.

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If you love topwater fishing for Saratoga, Central Queensland is exceptionally good for explosive surface action!

We’d love to show you some of this action in these breathtaking locations – the scenery is almost as good as getting smashed by these great Australian sportfish. It is truly a unique Australian experience.

We cater for first timers to experienced anglers – a day out on the water with us is more than just catching fish – it’s about sharing information, experiencing these fabulous locations… and having a great time!

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